Special hazards systems

From electronics to documents, some emergencies need to be handled more carefully. That’s why Force Fire offers a variety of special hazards systems to fully protect your sensitive assets.

Clean agent systems

Also known as a gaseous system, this solution suppresses fires without water.

It also leaves no residue, floods or messes – and its gas is perfectly safe to breathe.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) systems

Reasonably priced, CO2 suppression systems are effective in protecting large, unoccupied areas.

The gas is stored in tanks and delivered to the blaze through a network of pipes.

Waterspray systems

Affordable and effective, these systems use pipes to channel water onto a blaze.

It’s easy to clean up after Waterspray systems – and they don’t release any harmful chemicals.

Pre-engineered foam systems

Useful for fuel fires, these systems suppress flames by smothering them in a frothy blanket.

Wet chemical systems

Installed near cooking appliances and duct work, these systems release wet chemicals which react to hot oil – extinguishing a fire fast.

Ready for total fire protection – and complete peace of mind?

They prioritise relationships – every time

We’re so pleased we partnered with Force Fire for design and installation. Their working approach has always been collaborative and focused on our interests.

Kenny Gunawan, Senior Project Manager - SHAPE