PFD Food warehousing facility

Quick overview

September 2018 saw a strong partnership between Force Fire and Frasers Property Group.

We were called in to deliver two systems for a large warehousing facility that had multiple rooms with different conditions.

Our goals and challenges

We were asked to design and install a fully-operational ESFR system for the dry goods holding store – and a pre-action sprinkler system for the 15m effective height cool room area.

The challenges? Designing a pre-action ESFR sprinkler system for the facility’s Main Freezer zone because the height of the cool room panel exceeded 9m.

Key outcomes

We were presented with design challenges, which we solved using a VK598 upright K25 sprinkler. The result was a huge success and a landmark achievement for our business.

It was the biggest pre-action system we ever installed in a warehouse exceeding 16m in effective height.

After the project, we were praised for our professionalism by the NSW Fire Brigade and Affinity Fire Engineering (our certifier).