The Bond




Experience the future at The Bond, a remarkable 6-storey office building crafted from wood, seamlessly blending nature and innovation. This architectural marvel comes to life through the expertise of the binderholz group, in collaboration with Force Fire, utilizing CLT BBS, glulam, and solid wood panels.

Creative solutions for fire safety have been integrated, a testament to the unwavering commitment of Force Fire to safety. Every timber construction element stands as a beacon of precision, sustainability, and safety, meticulously pre-fabricated at the binderholz plants. The fire safety system, strategically placed throughout the building, ensures the utmost safety for all users.

Project Credits:
Client: Mulpha International , Image Property Developments
Architecture: fitzpatrick+partners
Execution: Buildcorp
Timber: binderholz group
Fire Safety Systems: Force Fire
Photos: Aran Anderson Photography