A force in fire protection

Founded by Paul Richetti and Paul Gatt in 2004, Force Fire strives to be the biggest small fire agency in Australia. That means we offer the strong, tailored support of a boutique business – with the expertise and innovation of a leader.

Where it all began

After decades in the industry working for others, we knew there had to be a better way.

We were tired of old-school processes holding us back. But more importantly, we were determined to give our clients the value and attention they truly deserved.

So in 2004, we decided to step out and give it a go ourselves. That’s when Force Fire was born.

The only partner you’ll need

Some providers design and install. Others inspect and test. But we do it all. And we do it all well.

As a reliable provider of fire safety solutions, it’s no wonder our clients ask us to maintain them too. That’s why we’re now just as focused on our inspection and testing services as we are on design and installation.

With Force Fire, it’s easier to keep your people and property safe – while ensuring your workplace meets its legal obligations, year after year.

Who we are today

Now a widely-recognised leader in the NSW market, Force Fire is proud and protective of its solid reputation.

But how did we build it? Through extensive staff training, a strong relationship focus and a commitment to upholding full accreditations – at all costs.

Builders appreciate that we deliver without fuss. And Asset and Property Managers value the rigour of our testing processes, the depth of our communication and the integrity of our people.

Our mission

Force Fire was born to transform the fire protection industry.

We also go above and beyond to create close connections and an enriching culture, so our people can do what they do best every single day.

Our vision

To be the force in fire protection for our clients – and an exceptional place to work for our people.

Since we opened our doors, we’ve grown from a team of 4… to 120! But we’re just getting started.

As passionate experts in fire safety systems, Australian standards and engineering, we’re ready to step further. Now we’re growing our presence in Victoria and Queensland, to help more organisations create safer, more compliant workplaces.

Our values

We get shit done

We’re driven. We’re reliable. We’re capable. We use our expertise and passion to do more, so our clients can worry less. For us, actions speak louder than words. That’s why we always stick to what we say – and solve problems without fuss.

We do it once. We do it right

From design to maintenance, we’re meticulous in everything we do. After all, there’s no room for error when lives are at stake. By being proactive and precise, we identify and solve problems before they have a chance to grow. For us, peace of mind isn’t a privilege. It’s a right.

We’re true team players

Whether it’s with our people, clients or partners, we know that real success comes from collaboration. As true team players, we stay accountable and communicate openly at all times. We listen intently. And contribute ideas and expertise wherever we can. We continuously empower the people we work with, so they can be the best they can be – at every opportunity.

We believe in the power of people

By investing heavily in our team, we protect the people and businesses of tomorrow. When it comes to industry training and development, we lead from the front. From apprentices to senior managers, everyone at Force Fire has opportunities to grow. Learning should never stop. And we make sure it doesn’t.

We’ve got your back

Integrity is at the core of all we do. We’re not just fire protection professionals. We’re also reliable partners and compassionate colleagues. We give all our clients the time and attention they deserve. We stay open to different ideas, beliefs and cultures. And we respect Mother Nature – at all costs.

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Very impressed with what Force Fire has achieved

I thank the whole Force Fire team for a successful project. We’ve all been very impressed with what Force Fire has achieved for us. We look forward to sending more projects their way.

Mitchell Kay, Site Engineer – RCC