Fire alarm systems

When a fire breaks out, every second matters. By transmitting an early warning, fire alarms allow you to act quickly so you can protect your assets – and save precious lives.

Conventional collective systems

The most cost-effective choice, these systems have detectors that monitor the air for smoke.

However, conventional collective systems can get confused by tobacco smoke, steam, dust and other non-fire related air particles.

Each circuit can contain up to 40 detectors.

Analogue addressable systems

These systems constantly monitor the area for any change in temperature or air quality.

If a blaze is suspected, they can notify the fire alarm panel to initiate a safe evacuation.

Analogue addressable systems also show you where the fire is.

Ready for total fire protection – and complete peace of mind?

Force Fire always delivers

We have a long-term working relationship with Force Fire. Over the years, they’ve always delivered – providing strong on-site foremen and direct communication lines between us and their directors.

Ben Jezewski, Senior PM - FDC